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Optical Sorting

Global Pioneer in Optical Sorting

To find the right optical sorter for your business, you need a partner you can rely on. One who understands your biggest sorting challenge, allows you to put their solutions to the test and offers expert advice. You need support at every stage of the selection, installation and after-sales process. Cimbria has been helping customers succeed for more than 75 years. With a wide range of technologically advanced and user-friendly optical sorters to sort seeds, grains, food commodities and industrial products, you can feel confident you will get the perfect system tailored to your business.


Previously known as Truer, SEA.TR features an advanced multispectral vision system with RGB full-colour and infrared technology. It identifies and separates even the smallest colour and shade differences from nearly any bulk commodity to meet the strictest food hygiene and health requirements for end-products. You can also combine the full-colour vision system with NIR and InGaAs technologies to meet your most precise sorting requirements.


SEA.TR Based on Full-Colour technology, SEA.TR completes the range of Cimbria Optical Sorting products, providing the highest yield and quality on standard commodities, such as grains, seeds, coffee, nuts and other food applications.

It can combine SMART Full-Colour cameras with NIR and InGaAs technologies, depending on the sorting target, and can thus provide the best detection and removal of unwanted elements.