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Loading Chutes

Safe and Clean in a Single Product


  •  Designed for dust-free out-loading of dry bulk material.
  •  For tanker trucks, flatbed trucks, open and closed rail wagons, and containers.
  •  Engineered for heavy-duty performance, long-term durability and high capacity.
  •  Available models for virtually any dry bulk product, including agricultural, industrial commodities and raw materials.

Moduflex D-Series

Loading chute with built-in filter module. Applications where connection to a central exhaust system is not possible or appropriate. For loading products such as cement, fly ash and similar wearing and dusty products.

Moduflex C-Series

Basic model for loading grain, sugar, flour and similar products with moderate dust and wear characteristics.

Moduflex V-Series

The loading chute V-series is designed for loading of any dry bulk materials into open and closed ships and barges, as well as for stockpiling outside and inside warehouses. The sturdy construction, including various safety functions, can accommodate an extended length up to approx. 27 m.