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RF 0035 – 1100 Compressed air filters

The compressed air filters of the RF series reliably remove and filter oil and water aerosols as well as solid impurities from the compressed air. The flow-optimized filter design and innovative filter technology ensure low pressure losses and high separation efficiency. The robust aluminum enclosure is coated with a polyester resin and is therefore particularly resistant to aggressive condensates. The unique bayonet lock simplifies tool-free filter change and prevents the filter from being opened under pressure, thus increasing safety.

In the standard version, the filter housings are equipped with a mechanically controlled condensate drain. The Superplus version is equipped with an economizer for monitoring filter service life and differential pressure as well as a level-controlled UFM-D steam trap.


Depending on air quality requirements, different filter elements are available:

RF-V / fine filter: Separation efficiency according to ISO 12500-1 and ISO 5011
Particle separation down to 1 micron | Oil separation < 0.2 mg/m³

RF-M / microfilter: Separation efficiency according to ISO 12500-1 and ISO 12500-3
Particle separation < 0.1 micron | Oil separation < 0.02 mg/m³

RF-S / submicrofilter: Separation efficiency according to ISO 12500-1 and ISO 12500-3
Particle separation < 0.01 micron | Oil separation < 0.01 mg/m³

RF-A / activated charcoal filter:  Adsorption filter for removing oil vapors and hydrocarbons and odors | oil separation < 0.003 mg/m³

Air Filters

Technical specifications

Connections: G³/8 – G2 inch
Performance at 7 bar: 0.58 – 18.33 m³/min
Max. operating pressure: 16 bar




  • Low pressure loss and cost savings due to flow-optimized filter design
  • Easy to maintain due to simple filter change via bayonet lock
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant thanks to robust aluminum housing and polyester resin coating
  • Secure due to catch in bayonet lock – cannot be opened under pressure