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In terms of logistics, continuous development of the transport by containers would surely concern BOUBIELA MORET.

Nowadays, we observe a high development of sea container transport for any kind of products that can be filled in bags.

BOUBIELA MORET offers specifically designed “bag per bag” container loading equipment.

Benefits :

  • Device directly linked to your bagging line
  • Loading made easily, in the shortest time
  • Absolutely no need to carry bags
  • optimal filling of the volume of the container
  • Possible use on multiple platforms (reduced loss time between 2 containers)



BOUBIELA MORET has developed a wide range of equipment for the handling

  • Belt conveyors
  • Curved conveyors
  • Bag diverters
  • Palletising systems
  • Sliding roller
  • Bags distributor
  • Bags flattener
  • Manuel bagging lines
  • Bag pusher
  • Slinging device